Dudley Gregorie announces candidacy for Mayor

Dudley Gregorie announces candidacy for Mayor

April 25,  2011

Charleston City Councilman and longtime community leader Dudley Gregorie, this week announced his candidacy for Mayor of Charleston.

Gregorie said his campaign would particularly emphasize his strong record as a fiscal conservative. “I voted against the entire city budget in 2010 and 2011 because they were examples of continued irresponsible spending, funded by increases in taxes and fees on city residents and businesses. "When I am Mayor I will provide the leadership necessary to get rid of duplication of services, and root out any fraud, waste or mismanagement, allowing us to lower taxes while providing better services"

Gregorie pledged to run a positive campaign to set good example for the community. “I believe our community wants and deserves a positive campaign based on issues, ideas and qualifications.”

Gregorie cited several key issues which he would work to solve as Mayor. “When government is run by career politicians, the people and their needs are often overlooked. As our new Mayor, I will work to:
--Improve our schools once and for all with common-sense solutions;
--Recruit high-quality, new industries that will provide good, new, high-paying jobs for our city;
--Lower the tax burden by running government more like a business; and,
-- Reforming and restructuring government to increase efficiency and decrease spending through the creation of greater transparency and accountability.
--Protecting our quality of life for future generations of Charlestonians.

“I believe listening -- instead of just talking -- will make me a better mayor. In politics, talk is cheap. But actually listening is a rare and valuable quality. Listening is a sign of respect, and I think it’s important that elected officials listen to the people they serve…they often have the best ideas to make life better for all of us. I’m a good listener and I’ll continue to be a good listener. I’ll listen to ideas, to opinions, and to problems. Then I’ll roll up my sleeves and work to find solutions as our new mayor.”

Gregorie joined the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in Washington, DC in 1974. Advancing to Office Director and later heading the Columbia Field Office, Gregorie oversaw the management of a more than $1.4 billion budget, which included $400 million for the expansion of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston and $35 million for the development of Horizon Village in North Charleston.

Gregorie said he would wage a person-to-person campaign for Mayor. “In the months ahead, I will be working non-stop to earn the votes of every member of our community, visiting homes and families and listening to views on the issues”, Gregorie said. “I look forward to speaking to each voter personally. In the meantime, I invite residents to call on me at (843) 737-6048 if I can help on ANY matter of constituent service.”

Gregorie was first elected to Charleston City Council in a 2008 special election and was re-elected to a full term in 2009 by a wide margin. During his time on council he has made cutting spending and increasing government transparency his top priorities.

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